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(SR0) Fake A5300 specs and fake A7sIII January announcement rumors


The fake A5500 inmages

There are other rumor sites that keep reposting FAKE rumors they found on a specific Weibo site. First they reposted a fake rumor about an A7sIII announcement in January which is 100% NOT going to happen.

Yesterday the same account posted FAKE A5300 specs and those FAKE images:

Dramatically improved 4D AF system
693 point PDAF
AE/AF 6/10fps continuous
26MP Exmor R sensor
16Bit compressed RAW with selectable compression ratio
Super-sampled 4K video up to 30p with no crop
FHD/60p,120p with no crop
3inch 1.44m dot 3-way tilt touch screen
NP-FZ100 battery

I repeat it, the so called rumor sites reposting these rumors are doing this for pure CLIKBAIT reasons because they know exactly that account has a history of posting continous fakes.

I will have soon SR5 news about the A7000 As7III and other lenses! Stay tuned!

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