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(SR1-SR2) Unbelieveable rumor: Medium format camera from Sony?

[shoplink 6136][/shoplink]

Two of my sources sent me info about a “Mystery cam“. But…there is a “but”! But they wanted me to post the rumors with SR1 value only (see bottom of the post to see what it means). This because they got the “feeling” there could be an error inside the info they received. They sent me a few detail about the mystery cam I want to check before to post here. What I can tell you know now is that the camera has a high resolution sensor. From the info I got it looks like it could be a medium format camera a la [shoplink 6136]Leica S2 (Click hee to see that cam)[/shoplink].

I post the rumor in the hope some of my other trusted sources can tell me more about that and confirm the specs I got from the other two. Thanks!

And now the question to you. Does it make sense for Sony to make a new Medium Format system? Pentax recently entered the market with the [shoplink 6137 ebay]Pentax 645D (Click here to see that cam)[/shoplink]. With a sub $10.000 price that camera can compete against the high end Canon/Nikon fullframe cameras. Maybe Sony wants to go the same way? And there is also the fact that Kodak Imaging business isn’t doing well. If they stop to make medium format sensor will Sony take over the market? Those are just speculations….for now!

Check out the Pentax 645D specs and price at [shopcountry 6137].
Check out the Leica S2 specs and price at [shopcountry 6137].

Thanks to the two anonymous sources that sent me the info! Let’s hope we can soon figure out what’s the truth behind that story ;)

Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
SR1=probably fake rumor
SR2=rumor from unknown sources
SR3=50% chance it is correct
SR4=rumor from known sources
SR5=almost certainly correct!

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