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(SR2) A1000, 7xx, 6xx and a 4xx model ?


This is the kind of rumor which in most cases are wrong. A dpreview forum user posted following text:

Today I was at Mediamarkt (an European chain of stores) and checking the prices of a the Canon 550D and 580EX flash. I asked for some advice from a sales person, and he urged me not to buy the 550D and to wait a little bit longer. According to him Sony will introduce 4 new camera’s arround april/may. The A1000, in the 2999 euro price range, aimed at the professionals, a A7xx , a A6xx, and a A4xx model.

According to him the Sony A6xx will have better specs than the Canon 550D.

Sounds exciting, let’s hope he isn’t pulling my leg

Let’s see if I can get some more infos about that rumor. If you jnow something feel free to send me an email at or use the contact form on the right sidebar (you can also keep yourself anonymous)

P.S.: What I heard from our sources that there will be new cameras in MAY. the mirrorless cameras and at leat one more Alpha camera.

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