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(SR2) Low ranked rumors about a sort of “Sony A6000mk2” camera coming on February 26


We know Sony will announce a new “entry-mid-level” Alpha camera on February 26. But so far I have no 100% reliable info about what this camera is about. But I think we can narrow down the choices to two cameras: The A7III and a new APS-C E-mount camera. It will be onw of the two.

I will now report four “unconfirmed” rumors (which means non-reliable yet):

Source 1:

“A7mk3 at CP+ 24MP sensor”

Source 2:

“There will be a new aps-c type camera from sony.
it won’t be a direct successor to the a6500 model.I will be in a lower series using the same sensor but less features…”

Source 3:

“there are reasons to claim new camera will be APS-C budget E-Mount camera. Something like a5500 or a6000 mk2. I give it 70% and 30% for a7 mk3.”

Source 4:

Sony will not announce a new a7 camera, just a new small entry level compact camera with special new Facebook, IG and Twitter dedicated buttons for instant social media uploads. I think the camera will sell very well with the teenage generation.

Let’s see whom of the three source is going to land on the hall of fame….or flame :)

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