(SR2) A7000 to be announced at CES in early January. Has 256 phase detect and 125 contrast detect points?


Another anonymous source claims to know more about the A7000. As usual as long as this doesn’t come from trusted sources I would keep that kind of info with a grain of salt. Nevertheless it happened in the past that such kind of anonymous rumors were correct. And I am 100% sure there is a VERY BIG Sony announcement in January. So let’s hear what the source claims to know:

I have a somewhat details about the a7000 coming at CES.
256 phase detect and 125 contrast detect points
Next 6 viewfinder
Tri Nav
Sensor will be engineered for high sensitivity
Touch screen
Zeiss lens 16-70 which you already know is weathersealed, but it will be 20% shorter, and sport a wider body.  Best in class sharpness and micro contrast.
Camera body will be $699 USD, Zeiss lens to retail for $1199

The other specs I got before also said the A7000 has full tethering capability, records 4K and has a 1/8000 shutter. If true (big “IF”) I would surprised to hear that Sony uses the NEX-6 and not the A6000 or another new viewfinder. Also the price would be terrific. Only $50 more expensive than the current A6000 price! It would certainly sell like hotcakes with that price!

Message to the A7000 anonymous sources: Thanks for sharing the info but keep in mind I can only mark your rumor with low SR2-SR3 ranking until it’s not confirmed by trusted sources. It also would be helpful if you would use some kind of nickname so that I can rank your credibility in future. If your rumors turn out to be true I can rank them higher nest time :)

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