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(SR3) 36 Megapixel sensor for one of the fullframe prototypes


Day after day I am receiving new tidbits of rumors about the Fullframe strategy. And I will soon have more news for those waiting for more NEX-7 and A77 info.

A new source told me one of the prototypes has a 36 megapixel sensor. At first Sony had problems with overheating in 40+C conditions but they managed it to solve them. A trusted source told me that all fullframe camera will have the same tilt-swivel solution you have seen on the A77 picture. Whenever I look at that pic I have to say that it looks like it could break very easily! Hope I am wrong :)

And as I already told you there will be more than one fullframe cameras announced in 2012. They will all be Translucent, have built-in GPS and be optimized for video. I have been told that the video quality will be lot better than the [shoplink 6340]Canon 5D markII (Click here to see that cam on Amazon)[/shoplink].

One more thing: I want to thank all the sources for sending me rumors. Please understand that I usually try to doublecheck rumors before to post them And if I can’t than I will publish them with low rumor ranking (SR2 or SR3). But I will keep your (fake) names in mind and if rumors turn out to be true you will automatically become a trusted source :) P.S.: Got some strange rumors about the NEX pro having a curious “mount solution”. If you have some info about that camera drop me a line. Thanks!


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