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(SR3) A77/65 and Nex-7/5N availability in Asia (with price)


Our Japanese friend from Digicaminfo just got a rumor from their Asian sources (Click here to read the google English translation).

  • NEX-5N will be released on September 9. 18-55mm + 55-210mm / f4.5-6.3 Double Zoom Kit on sale in October and November.
  • 2.53 million dot external EVF sells for 35,000 yen (450 dollar)
  • A65 will be released in mid-October. Expected selling price of ¥ 95 000 for body only (1200 dollar)
  • A77 will be released in mid-October. 150 000 yen for the body only (1960 dollar)
  • NEX-7 will be released on November 11. Expected selling price of ¥ 130 000 for the body (1700 dollar).

A warning, the prices in YEN are vey high and I converted it in dollar by using yahoo exchange calculator. But keep in mind that usually prices in US are much lower! An example: The NEX-C3 costs $744 at Amazon Japan and $649 at Amazon US.

UPDATE: I am in contact with the author of the blog. He also believes the price is too high! He will aks the soruce if he didn’t mean the price with kit lens and not body only!!!

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