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(SR3) New Sony NEX firmware coming soon? (+ still no announcement date for the NEX-3C)

[shoplink 3000][/shoplink]

As you know my contact form didn’t work for the last 20 days. I am slowly catching up with the rumor messages I missed. I do hope my sources can give me an answer to the following message I received today:

My [shoplink 3000]NEX-3[/shoplink] is now in the hands of techs in Larado, Texas getting its brains re-installed. Tech support person assured me that: ->we are aware of the problem and a fixed and proper firmware updater will be posted any day.<- Meanwhile, DO NOT use the firmware updater if you have an Intel Mac running 10.6.

Did you hear something about the new firmware?

P.S.: Sony has still to decide when the NEX-3C will be announced. But I got some more info I will post soon on SAR.

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