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Sony stock shortage? (A390 end of line)

[shoplink 6426][/shoplink] Image on top: The [shoplink 6426]Sony A390[/shoplink]

I received one more confimration about the possible future camera and lens shortages:

I’m a buyer for my company’s photo retail division, and was talking to my area Sony rep. He wanted me to be prepared for shortages in the Sony lineup. He mentioned that I should place orders in soon for my busy summer season. The Sony ordering system we use is quite accurate and lets me know what stock is currently available, and when any backordered stock will be shipped to us. My last order of 8 different compact digitals showed almost all are listed TBD. Which means they have no idea when they will be available. Due to this shortage, they have sped up the EOL (end of line) period for the [shoplink 6426]A390[/shoplink] to immediate. All backorders for the a390 have been cancelled.

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