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(SR3) New Sony product codes (A77 release closer?)


One of our new sources just sent us the codes of some of the upcoming new Sony products. Those are products that will be in Stock within the next couple of months:

HVL-F20S: That should be the new NEX flash UPDATE: Price 139 Euro at
HVL-F40AM: A new Falsh for Alpha cameras
SAL-70300: That is the rumored new Sony 70-300mm f/4-5.6 SAM lens.
SAL-1024: That should be a new 10-24mm lens.

But the most intriguing code is the last one:
VG-C77AM: This is the vertical Grip for the A77! Certainly a sign that the A77 is coming. And as we already told you it should arrive in July. I hope the source can soon send me the code for both the new A77 and the NEX-7 :)


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