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(SR3) Some more “extended” A6100 specs. And a full rumor recap.


Yesterday two anonymous sources sent me two different A6100 specs. I got two updates to report: The first source who said the A6100 has no 4K is plain wrong. And a third new source shared some more specs tonight. But also in that case I am really sceptic about the specs validity:

32mp BSI
5-axis IBIS
Much better ISO
285 PDAF points
New EVF (larger T* viewfinder 0.75x)
Smaller than A6000, less weight too
No weather sealing
Only comes in black

Still, this info is coming from a new source so take it with a grain of salt. All I know from trusted sources is that a new A6xxx is definitely coming in September or early October at max.

Full September 11 announcement rumor recap:

SR5 (two trusted source confirmed this): New Sony PXW-FS5 E-mount camcorder. S35 sensors. 4K internally, but 8 bit XAVC-L (note the L) 100 Mbit max. No HFR as far as I can tell, 30fps max in 4K. Looks like a baby FS7. Price will be between old FS700 and current FS7, likely $5,000-6,500 USD. Differentiation on FS7 is much better CODEC, higher frame rates (incl 60p 4K), option for RAW and ProRes, bigger build.
SR4 (one trusted source heard this): Sony will announce 7 new lenses (some in development and some for real). Among them we have new FE telephoto lens(es), fast portrait prime, 24-70mm GM and maybe some “Updated” A-mount lenses.
SR4 (two trusted source heard about this): A60000 successor to be announced between now and PhotoPlus. Note: The rumor is not SR5 because it happened once that Sony delayed the announcement of that camera. Don’t want to bring bad luck again :)
SR3 (one anonymous source): New A6000 successor to be announced on September 11.

Tomorrow (September 11) Sony will have a press announcement at 9am Berlin time. You can follow the live videostream here on SAR!

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Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
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SR3=50% chance it is correct
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