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(SR3) Will Zeiss soon announce the 85mm Loxia and 135mm Batis?


I have yet no confirmation from my usual sources. All I know for sure is that there is definitely new Batis and Loxia telephoto lenses coming by Zeiss. Two anonymous sources shared details about those. this autumn Zeiss should announce a new 85mm Loxia and a 135mm Batis. I believe those lenses would please the SAR community :)

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Links to all current Batis and Loxia lenses:
Batis 18mm at [shopcountry 47045].
Batis 25mm at [shopcountry 45790].
Batis 85mm at [shopcountry 45791].
Loxia 21mm at [shopcountry 46456].
Loxia 35mm at [shopcountry 47046].
Loxia 50mm at [shopcountry 47047].

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