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(SR4) A correction and a confirmation about the Sony 50MP camera.


I am very busy working on a whole bunch of rumors but let’s start with an important rumor correction. The highly trusted source who shared as first the 50MP camera rumor said that he misunderstood the release timing info he got directly from Sony. The 50MP camera is not going to be announced the next few weeks. But it’s definitely ready to be for sale within 2015. He said sorry to SAR readers for the wrong timing info but there was a miscommunication between Sony and him.  The good news is that another source confirmed the camera will come this year and that indeed the Sony 50MP FF sensor has a very new design and will “easily” outperform the Canon 5ds sensor.

Another good news: Confirmed the A7rII is in production and coming damn soon!

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Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
SR1=probably fake rumor
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SR4=rumor from known sources
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