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(SR4) A New 16-X G zoom to be announced along the new NEX cameras.


Along the new NEX-5T, NEX DSLR shaped camera, NEX-FF and NEX-7 successor ee can be almost sure that Sony will launch a new High Quality G zoom lens for the NEX APS-C system. We have been told that it starts at 16mm at the wide end. And I have been told this isn’t the only lens to come. At leats one more APS-C zoom and one APS-C prime could be announced. Obvisouly I dind’t count the new NEX-FF lenses into this list. Yep, a lot of stuff is coming soon! Stay tuned on SAR!

One more important thing about the current rumors work: I know well you have plenty of questions on all future cameras, lenses and firmware updates. But Me and You have to be patient. There are so many rumors I am receiving in these weeks. And I know for sure Sony is trying to mislead us all by spreading false info (or partial incorrect info). They have all the reasons to do so. But it’s my job to be patient and not post everything I get without at least try to double check the info. And still, I cannot guarantee all my rumors I correct. But I try to get as close as I can get to the truth. And really, you don’t have to wait a long time to see the real new cameras. Only two months to go until the next Sony product announcement wave!

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