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(SR4) More info about the A77 price.

[shoplink 6957][/shoplink] One of our trusted sources read your comments and sent me an answer to one of the hot questions regarding the reason for the low price. He said that there will be a couple of A77 kit options. $1099 is the price for the cheapest entry level kit with the current [shoplink 6957]Sony 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 SAM DT[/shoplink] Standard Zoom Lens (pictured on top). It is an aggressive price to attract Nikon and Canon users. But the source believes most of the people will buy the higher priced kits with the “improved lenses“.

That last sentence lead us to believe he is talking about the new high quality kit lens which should be announced on the same day (July 7).
P.S.: First Chinese [shoplink 6966 ebay]eBay resellers (Click here)[/shoplink] are now adding the A77 name to Sony accessories. Preparing for the big launch :)

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