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(SR4) Small but important Sony A77 Europe/US difference in video recording?


Two trusted sources noticed that on “paper” there is a small difference between the A77 US and European versions. Apparently the A77 can record FullHD videos at 1080p60 and 1080p24. The European version can record in 1080p50 and 1080p25 but not 1080p24!
I hope this is a mistake only, it really doesn’t make sense to not offer the 24p version in Europe!

UPDATE: I just got this from a third trusted source: “US version is 24,30,60p, European 25 and 50p. There is no difference between 24 and 25p visually. You can play 25p at a speed of 24p and vice versa. Problem is sound, but video editors have no problem in converting the sound speed digitally.

Some other bits of info: I really got tons of rumors from testers that said the AF speed is amazing and very accurate. This is just a subjective “judgment” but I never so many sources be happy with a pre-production camera!

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