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(SR4) Sony A99II early 2016 release postponed


I hate to give you bad news rumors. So I really hope I am wrong on this. But I got reliable info the expected early 2016 A99II launch got postponed. Here is the story:

Back in late autumn two trusted sources got told by Sony that a High End camera would be announced within the next couple of months. One of the trusted sources actually said he expected the announcement to happen in January-February-March. And the camera would be A-mount!
At that point I want to underline that both sources sent me the correct info about the Sony A68, Zeiss Batis, 24-70mm and 85mm GM launch. So they are usually spot on and reliable when sharing those kind of rumors.

What happened to the A99II:
Recently one of the two trusted sources confirmed that Sony told him no A-mount camera would be announced any time soon. Sony did NOT tell him the reason for the launch delay. So we can only guess that maybe the recent Nikon Canon DSLR announcement changed the cards on the table. Or Sony wanted to give the GM lens launch a proper spotlight. We really don’t know yet.

A-mount strategy:
Both sources asked Sony about the A-mount strategy. Sony did not tell them anything yet but assured A-mount is well alive and they will keep developing products for the A-mount line. And that has been officially confirmed last week via Sony itself (read here). And at last the A68 is going to be available for preorder on Monday in USA too (Click here).

Summary: If the rumors we got are correct than we can only hope Sony will take a look to the latest Nikon Canon DSLR announcement to offer a serious and highly competitive new High End A-mount camera. But I admit it’s very frustrating to get only “marketing A-mount word support” from Sony. We need “real” new products Sony!

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