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(SR4) Sony has one new camera announcement next week and (SR3) one more camera announcement possibily in late August…


FACT: Sony has registered three new camera codes in Asia. This usually means the cameras will be announced within 1-2 months!

Yesterday Sony announced the new A7rIV. But this is not all what’s coming! The past hours we got confirmation that:

SR4 (70% reliable): Sony will announce one more camera next week (around 23-24 of July)
SR3 (50% reliable): There is a rumor about one more camera announcement in August (possibly late August)

Two big store managers told me that Sony said they plan to announce one product a month from now on til end 2019. Seems like a new strategy to keep attention on the Sony Alpha brand

What to expect:
On both of these launch events I do NOT expect a new A7SIII or A9II which. The A7sIII should be announced in autumn. The A9II should be on market within late 2019 or early 2020. What we should expect as next are new RX cameras, A6500 succcessor and maybe soemthing else I haven’t heard of…

Stay tuned on SAR!

Sony A7rIV and new accessories:
Sony A7rIV in USA/CA at BHphoto, Adorama, FocusCamera, Amazon, Henrys.
Sony A7rIV in EU at Calumet DE, ParkUK, WexUK, Calumet NL.
Sony A7rIV in Asia at Sony Japan. Sony Australia.
Sony VG-C4EM grip in USA at BHphoto, Adorama, Amazon, FocusCamera, ParkUK, WexUK.
ECM-B1M Digital Audio Shotgun Microphone at BHphoto, Park UK.
XLR-K3M Mic at BHphoto, Park UK.

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