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(SR4) Sony will launch a new RX100 camera with LX100 similar sized sensor!

[shoplink 35425 ebay]

Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-15 um 07.55.09[/shoplink] [shoplink 35425 ebay]LX100[/shoplink] vs RX100m3 by Camerasize.

One trusted source heard from his “Sony sources” that they are “field testing” a new RX camera. It’s  a little bit bigger RX100m3 alike camera with larger sensor. The sensor size is said to be similar to the one used by the [shoplink 35425 ebay]Panasonic LX100 (images on eBay)[/shoplink]. But the camera is a bit more compact than the LX100. And just like it happened with the A6000 successor also the new RX100 large sensor camera “won’t release just yet, due to heat issues with the updated BIONZ X“.

UPDATE: Just lately Sony listed two new Four Thirds sized sensors with 16MP and 20MP. One of them could be used by the new RX100m4 camera:


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