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(SR4) The A6700 might be more exciting than early rumors suggests…


A6700 mockup

Trusted sources still didn’t give me tech specs of the new A6700. All we got so far  from a source is that the  A6700 is something like the  A6400 but with IBIS. Still two more sources said that the A6700 is more exciting than the “A6400+IBIS” rumor suggests.

I  don’t know what this means and I  also don’t want to hype you  too much on this. After all this is a very subjective matter…

What we know so far is this:
Sony has a product launch press event on August 29/30  ( I guess the public announcement will follow the event)
It’s rumored that they will announce two new APS-C E-mount cameras
Those cameras could be the new A6200 (low specs A6400 version) and  the new A6700 (has IBIS).
A third (A7sIII?) camera will be announced on soon to follow new press event…

Plenty of rumors sites refer to this post on Personal View to say that these might be the A6700 specs. But I talked to PV and they told me it’s a mix of compilation, guesss and “talk” :)

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