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Something stupid you have to know: My Macbook Pro Keyboard is completely broken


It’s time you learn a dark  secret about me: For months now I am using a broken keyboard. I own one of these famous 2016 Macbook PRO’s that keep having issues with their Keyboard. Because of all the rumors and announcements I had this summer I couldn’t afford to  give away my laptop for the  third time(!)  for  1-2 weeks.

And now again we will have  Sony announcement on August 29 and in September more Sony-Tamron-Sigma announcements  :(

So please pardon me if you see those kind of errors:

  • Missing space between words
  • Or suddenly a LOT of space between words
  • missing “g”  “c”  “e”  letters
  • or double-triple “gg” “cc”  “eee”  letters
  • …and so forth  :)

It  sucks…and now I am waiting to  get  the new 16 inch Macbook PRO that  should b announced soon. It will have the classic “scissor” keyboard.

On a positive note: I should receive my Sony A7rIV next week (ordered in Germany) US readers will have to wait 2 more weeks than me…sorry :)

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