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(SR5) A58, NEX-3N, and three A-mount lens to come soon!


Sources from SAR and Digicaminfo got the same info about the upcoming release:

In very last moment it looks like Sony decided to drop the A38 and just release the A58! And this is what Sony will announce soon:

  • SLT-A58 with a new 20MP sensor (actually it’s 20,xx and almost close to 21 Megapixels). Priced around 600-700 dollars/euro.
  • NEX-3N, 16Megapixel sensor (same as F3) priced at 500-600 dollars/euro
  • Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 for 1600-1700 dollars/euro
  • 18-55mm II  for A mount at around 200-300 dollars/euro
  • 70-400G F4.5-5.6 II 2400-2500 dollars/euro (to ship in April!)

And a smart SAR reader found the evidence for the new 70-400mm in the latest firmware: “Looks like SAL-70400G2 is ready for release, fw for a99 contains the lens correction profile for that lens. This profile is identical to the profile for the known SAL-70400G, so no changes in optical formula. LensID is 69, “old” one has LensID 53. No such lens profiles for rumored SAL-70200G2 or announced SAL-50F14Z yet.

Stay tuned on SAR!


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