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Sony Manager Mark Weir talks at IR (and explains why NEX will never have in body IS).


Sony Manager Mark Weir has been interviewed by Imaging Resource (full article here). There is no talk about the future products and just some minor info like:

– RX1 Demand has been very strong.
– To create a universal RAW file that all sensor manufacturers would adhere to may limit the opportunities of what we can be achieved.
– Sony has received requests to be able to set JPEG compression while shooting RAW plus JPEG and they are aware of that request.
– “The decision to use optical-shift instead of sensor-shift in NEX cameras was based on the intention to miniaturize the camera body. And if you look at the size of NEX, particularly from in the depth dimension, you can see that with 18 mm from flange to sensor and then there’s very little room from the sensor to the back of the camera, yes, there just wasn’t room.

it was obvious NEX would never have n sensor stabilization but know you hear it officially from a Sony manager.

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