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(SR5) A6000 is the only system camera to be announced at CP+. A79 coming soon!


Image on top shows the NEX-6. New A6000 will look just like it!

I am finally making quantum leaps forward on the SR5 rumors. Not only about the next CP+ announcement but also on the next announcement in March! Today let’s talk about the A6000 and A79:

I can now confirm that the A6000 (NEX-6/7 successor) is the only system camera that will be announced next week on February 12 . All those waiting for new A-mount camera or other E-mount cameras will have to wait til early April to get them right before the NAB show in las Vegas.
The A6000 looks almost exactly like the current NEX-6 and features a similar 24 Megapixel sensor. But the new sensor has phase detection pixel for improvement focusing on moving object.

And I can tell you now that the A79 is coming sooner than expected (likely in March). It will be announced short time after the A6000. More info coming soon…

A hint:
I know the A6000 will replace the NEX-7 but not look like it. Don’t worry, if you like the NEX-7 design more there might be a surprise from Sony at Photokina….so I have been told.

Follow Sony announcement live on SAR:
Readers should be ready to take some time off on Wednesday at 5-6am London time to follow the event live on SonyAlphaRumors!!!

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Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
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SR5=almost certainly correct!

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