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(SR5) All future fullframe cameras will have GPS


When you reader asked me if the Sony A77 would have built-in GPS a source sent me a text saying that not only the A65 ad A77 would have built-inGPS, but also the future Fullframe cameras. And while the rumor about the A920 32 Megapixel fullframe camera posted by an external website is certainly NOT true I have been told that there will be some exciting fullframe news soon. The next fullframe cameras will be announced in 2012 but if all works fine I will get some details about those cameras soon! I repeat…”cameras” and not “camera” ;)

Let’s cross our fingers!

P.S.: The A850 has been discontinued (Check [shopcountry 3028]) and soon the A900 should see some price drops (Check [shopcountry 3032]).

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