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(SR5) First image of the new Zeiss Full Frame camera!

After many many years Zeiss will finally announce a new camera! This is the first image of this new Zeiss camera posted by Zeiss on Weibo. Here is what our sources told us about this camera so far:
– Announcement before Photokina
– This is a fixed lens Full Frame camera
– It uses Sony tech (probably RX1II based).
– Price around $3,000
– Priobably has a prime lens (35mm f/2.0?)
– Slightly bigger lens construction than you get on the Sony RX1 series.
– lens is autofocus
I am so happy to see that the makers of the great [shoplink 23713 ebay]Zeiss Ikon[/shoplink] and [shoplink 73897 ebay]Zeiss Contax[/shoplink] cameras are coming back! I hope their next step will be an E-mount system camera…I know I am going to fast with my dreams. For now let’s enjoy this comeback!
UPDATE: This is an official teaser image posted by Zeiss. Note that the rumored info here is not disclosed by Zeiss but is from our sources:
The text of the image says:
“There is still something missing in Zeiss’s product line and the photography community
It’s time for more Zeiss SAR
Time for a new Zeiss milestone”
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