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(SR4) Zeiss will soon announced a fixed lens Full Frame camera made with Sony tech!


Image on top shows the Sony RX1RII

The following info is from a trusted source that shared correct rumors multiple times in the past. Still, until it’s not confirmed I cannot be 100% sure it’s true. But I trust the source and therefore let’s move straight to this very hot rumor:

Zeiss is announcing a fixed lens ff camera very soon (100% confirmed) .  

He also shared this:

I heard the camera body is Sony technology and the price is around $3,000. But these are not confirmed information.  They also published a 35f2 patent for fixed lens camera a month ago.  The patent title claims “highest optical quality” which is very unusual. The lens construction is slightly bigger than Rx1 and it does autofocus.  The worst scenario is that we get a re-branded rx1rii.

What’s unclear yet if that’s a Sony built camera branded as Zeiss camera or if this is really an independent and direct Zeiss project. I am a big [shoplink 23713 ebay]Zeiss Ikon fan (see them on eBay)[/shoplink] and would love if this Zeiss camera would have that minimalistic and classic design. Of course I would have even liked it more if it would be E-mount. But I hope this is just the first step and Zeiss might launch an E-mount camera in the near future too!

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