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(SR5) More new rumor tidbits


Those are some minor tidbits about the upcoming new Sony cameras. Everything is coming from trusted sources:

– The new LA-EA2 adapter has a built-in AF-motor (it can focus with all Minolta/Sony lenses!)
– The new external EVF for the NEX-5N is “movable” and has intelligent eye sensor.
– The NEX-5N weights 210 g.
– The NEX-7 has a Level Gauge and gridline
– A77 and A65 X-Sync is 1/250
– The new 55-210mm E-mount lens has actually a surprising “outstanding image quality”
– NEX-7 feel surprisingly light (at the same time solid).
– The A77 has 2.5 to 4.5 IS compensation


Personal note: I am very busy in this days. Sorry If I cannot answer all your emails within a reasonable time. Thanks for your understanding!

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