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(SR5) Some new tidbits about the A77 (A77 weights 680g and A65 weights 543g)


I am continually getting small details from many sources. Those are the latest few bits:

The EVF menu is customizable and is as bright as the optical viewfinder from the [shopcountry 3032]A900[/shoplink]!
Almost all operations can be done with the eye on the EVF
Smart teleconverter (1.2x and 2.0x digital magnification)
Has Picture effects, A-HDR, Creative style
50ms minimum release time lag
Very good audio noise reduction
A77 weights 680g and A65 weights 543g

I still didn’t get detailed info about the image quality (stills and videos). Many sources do say the quality is on very high level. I guess we will see the first image samples on Wednesday August 24. Be sure to be online at SAR to follow the Sony announcement!

P.S.: You can find SAR also on Google+, Facebook and Twitter!

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