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(SR5) New A57 + A99 rumors (+ A57 battery grip question)


I got dozen emails from sources and will try to give you an exact overview of what it’s coming soon! It’s going to be busy here on SonyAlphaRumors :)

Let’s start with a small news about the A99: Sony confirmed at Dpreview that “it will be making a full-frame replacement for its flagship A900 DSLR.”. It’s not a big news but I take the chance to remind you the A99 with 24 Megapixel will arrive in September. The other Full Frame camera with 36 megapixel will arrive in early/mid 2013. Yes, it’s the same sensor of the Nikon D800 (Click here to check specs).

1) First a small questions to trusted sources. A new source just told me that the A57 will not accept the A77 battery grip. Can you confirm or deny this? UPDATE: A few sources confirmed the A57 battery grip is not the same as of the A77
2) SR5: trusted sources told me that the camera can go up to 16.000 ISO.

I got many other rumors I am checking now. Stay tuned on SonyAlphaRumors. Will give you many updates soon!

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