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(SR5) New “splitting-up” Sony announcement strategy…


The first SLT/NEX related announcement of the year is the 500mm lens in February.

You may remember the huge day back in August when Sony announced the new [shoplink 8461]Sony A77[/shoplink], [shoplink 8459]A65[/shoplink], [shoplink 8454]NEX-7[/shoplink], [shoplink 8452]NEX-5n[/shoplink] and the new [shoplink 8457]16-50mm[/shoplink], [shoplink 8450]24mm[/shoplink] and [shoplink 8448]50mm[/shoplink] lenses. Sony learned the lesson and will not repeat the mistake to announce too much stuff in one single day. You may have noticed that Sony already had three compact camera announcements this year, one in January, one in February and one in March. The same thing will now happen with SLT and NEX stuff. Sony announced the release of that huge 500mm lens in early February. On March 13th Sony will announce the new A57 and a couple of weeks later Sony will announce the new camcorder for the NAB show and sometimes in April the new NEX stuff (like the [shoplink 7207]NEX-C3 successor[/shoplink]).

I think this is a very correct move. It gives us more time to learn more about a single camera or lens. From now to September I expect new Sony stuff to be announced almost every month, like the 70-400mm and 70-200mm G II lenses, the new NEX cameras, and of course all firmware upgrades.

Stay tuned on SAR, firmware and A57 news are next ;)

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