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(SR5) On Monday Sony will announce their most expensive E-mount lens in their range…the 600mm f/4.0 costing around $14,000!


What you see on top is an image from the official Sony patent for a 600mm f/4.0 FE lens

It has been a rollercoaster of rumor time: But finally we sorted out things and we can report with 100% certainty that on Monday Sony will announce their most expensive E-mount lens ever:

We have been told 600mm f/4.0 will have an estimated price of around $14,000!

By comparison the Nikon 600mm and the Canon 600mm lenses cost less than $13,000. Here is a size comparison between the Nikon/Canon 600mm lens and the Sony 400mm GM. I guess the Sony 600mm will have a similar size.

via CameraSize

On Monday June 10 (I guess 4-5pm London time) Sony will announce:

  • 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 G lens priced around $2,000
  • 600mm f/4.0 for $14,000


Note: Nokishita confirmed two lenses are coming. But they have no info about when it will be announced and how much they will cost…we have it :)

In case you missed it: Summary of why we got no announcement on June 6 as previously rumored:

  1. June 5/6 journalists had a meeting to test the 200-600mm G lens.
  2. But the NDA to publish their hands-on is now set to expire on Monday (June 10) and not Today (June 6) as they have been previously told.
  3. A second lens has been unveiled to them at the very end of the meeting!
  4. This lens is the 600mm f/4.0
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