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SR5 rumor roundup. And warning of fakes (I know who makes them).


Finally I busted who keeps sending wrong info to rumor sites and on forums (See fake A7000 pic). I will not mention the site  to not make him any publicity. The site is well known and I am surprised to see them work that actively on fake images. I want to thank SAR readers and my long time trusted sources for finding the source that sent and posted wrong info on different forums and sites. So it’s time to make a roundup of what’s true. And in future you may understand that I have to triple check rumors to avoid exactly these kind of wrong rumors! It’s also a lesson for me that I do not have to trust these kind of people.

So what’s correct? What’s SR5 now?
1) NEX-FF Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 Full Frame E-mount lens (article here)
2) NEX-FF camera to come (more about that soon via trusted sources)
3) A-mount mirrorless and more E-mount DSLR shaped (ILCE) cameras to hit market in early 2014.
4) SAL70-200mmII version Dicahub translated the specs from Japanese to English:
focal length (35mm format): 105-300mm
construction: 19 pieces in 16 groups
angle of view (FF): 34˚ – 12˚ 30′
angle of view (APS-C): 23˚ – 8˚
minimum focus distance: 1.2m (from image plane)
maximum magnification ratio: 0.21x
minimum aperture: F32
filter diameter: 77mm
size (maximum diameter x full length): 87 x 196.5mm
weight: 1,340g

More SR5 rumors to come soon….

Again: My apologies to all readers for posting a false rumor for 2 hours. I hope you at least appreciate my effort to discover the authenticity and correct a rumor when it’s wrong. A special thanks goes to jwdoy and Vlad3D for their amazing help on discovering the fake A7000 image! You are my heroes today.

P.S.: Somebody asked me why I posted the fake A7000 image with SR5 value before my trusted sources confirmed it. Reason is easy, I trusted that guy from this site. Didn’t think he could do this.


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