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(SR4) Sony A77 to be announced in January 2011


All our most important sources confirmed that there will be no A77 announcement at Photokina. Maybe Sony will show a A77 prototype but they will definitely NOT launch the camera now. Anyway you don’t have to wait years to get the new semi-professional camera. The A77 is scheduled to be announced in January/February 2011. The sources told me that Sony needs that time to analyze the impact of the new translucent technology on the market. They are currently reviewing the press and pros reaction. They will certainly fix some of the A55/A33 limits. As you have seen with the MLU petition Sony is listening you.

The [shoplink 3228]Sony A700[/shoplink] successor will be a translucent model. The current prototype name is A77 (we don’t know if that will be the final name of the camera). The sensor is also new (the prototype has a 18Megapixels sensor).

One of my sources told me that Sony also has a A7xx with optical viewfinder. He doesn’t know if that model will be released.

Let Sony know what you want! Feel free to suggest me some more poll options. I will add them quickly!

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