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(SR5) Sony product announcement on or around February 26!!!


Reliable sources told us that Sony will have a new product announcement at the WPPI show on or around February 26! The big question is….what can we expect to get?

First one fact: Sony registered the code of one new camera by end 2017. Which means there is a fair chance we might get such a camera soon.

What camera can we hope to get?

  • A7III: I give a 60% chance that this might be the new A7III with 24Mp sensor, 4K30p, same A7rIII and A9 battery, joystick and touchscreen.
  • A6700: I got no rumor about such a camera yet. I would give a 35% chance to see this camera announced at WPPI.
  • A7sIII: I think the A7sIII will be announced at the NAB show in April.

What about lenses?

  • 135mm f/1.8 FE GM: I hope Sony will announce this lens at WPPI
  • 400mm f/2.8 FE GM: I don’t think this lens will be announced at WPPI.
  • 200-600mm FE: Also that lens is unlikely to be announced at WPPI.

Of course there is still plenty of room for unexpected surprises! Any wishful thinking you want to share? :)

If you are reading this post and know something more about the Sony event drop an anonymous message by using the contact box on the top of the right sidebar or send me a message at Thanks!

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