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(SR5) Sony sends out invitations for a “Big” event! Full Frame NEX-9 coming.


A dozen (yes a dozen!) of European stores just sent me messages to tell me that they got an important invitation from Sony. These are big and very small store owners. They told me that Sony invited them for a very important meeting where Sony will show them something “BIG” in the digital camera market (that’s the word used by Sony). Every store got different meeting days. But these are all days in the week between the 14 and 18 of October.

I am going to share one of the mail I received from a small store owner (Thanks to the anonymous sender). This is what he wrote:

I work at a small camera retail store in a small country in Europe. Yesterday we got mail from Sony. There will be a meeting on October 18.
And the fact, that we get an invitation, means it must be something big. Every other announcement Sony makes, we get via mail. On the next day…
It didn’t say, what will be announced. But… Last time our Sony representative told us, that there will come a “Full Frame NEX 7” soon.

I repeat the public announcement date isn’t known yet. These are only a sort of “private meeting”. But the NEX-9 Full Frame camera will be definitely official for the PhotoPlus show in NYC!

Note: This is the first time even small store owners got an invitation. It shows you how “BIG” an important the announcement is. New RX, NEX-FF, ILCE cameras and many Zeiss and Sony lenses will be announced. I am very excited…and you?


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