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(SR5) The NEX-6 is coming! The “mini-NEX-7” :)


Almost exactly one year ago Sony launched the NEX-7 camera that quickly became a hotseller. Despite the price the camera still constantly remains in the top 20 of the Amazon mirrorless rankings (Click here to see). And now Sony is going to expand the concept with the new NEX-6! Coming in September this will be a sort of “mini-NEX-7”. It has an integrated viewfinder like the NEX-7 but with a tiny bit lower EVF resolution. The camera will be cheaper than the NEX-7 and price right in the middle between the NEX-5F (also coming in September) and the current NEX-7.

I am still working on the NEX-6 camera specs. So stay tuned on SAR! Lot of Sony stuff coming in one month and I am here to give you the details as soon as I can! And if you are one of these guys knowing some “Sony secret” you can share it anonymously by using the contact form on the right sidebar. No identification requested! Or if you prefer, contact me (Andrea) at

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