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(SR5) The next A99 user report (Finally an ISO hot shoe)


Before to talk about the next A99 rumor I really invite everyone to stay tuned on SAR. I toke off some time from my daily work to deal the huge amount of rumors I am getting in these days. Most of the rumors are form top sources. So stay tuned and subscribe our RSS feed or follow me on Twitter and join the super friendly Facebook comunity :)


That A99 rumor is coming via super trusted sources and has been rewritten in a  bad childish english to hide the language style :)

1) First, the a99 sports a standard ISO hot-shoe! Finally I can say!!! They built a very compact adapter to fit current alpha flashes onto the A99 hot-shoe. The ISO adapter mounts very similar to a nikon flash, where you slide in the hot-shoe and then turn a lever to securely lock it into place. This means in the future, Sony’s new flashes will be using the standard ISO hot-shoe. Death of the alpha plastic hot-shoe!

2) There is also a customizable control wheel at the bottom left of the camera. It looks like they created a variation of the [shoplink 8454]Nex-7[/shoplink] tri-navi system.

3) Look: Very similar to the A77, just a bit bigger and with a more pronounced hump at the top. Same articulating screen. The control dial on the top left now has a center locking button. You will need to depress that button before you can turn the control dial. No more turning it by accident.

4) This is SR2: The 102 AF points AF sensor is actually a dumb’d down AF module. The ORIGINAL af module developed for the a99 has a much higher number of af points. I don’t know how true it is. But it is something good to know.

5) As we know the A99 has 102(!) Focus Point. In a Local Point Mode (Where You Can Select One specific Point to Focus) you can select only one of fourty. The other neighbors Focus Point Will Work as Focus assisting points.


More rumors are coming in every hour….stay tuned on SAR!!!

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