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(SR5) UPDATED: There is a Sony camera to come…also for Nikon and Canon lens owners!


Not only “pure” Sony camera and lens owners should follow SonyAlphaRumors the next days. Sony will launch an extraordinary new E-mount camera featuring a new tech: It has a sort of  [shoplink 18446 ebay]Contax AX (here one Bay)[/shoplink] focusing system! You see it at work on the video on top. I don’t know yet the very details of the Sony solution but the sensor can move on the Z-axis. This has been done to fully support non Sony lenses. It’s the trojan hourse from Sony to make it easy for Canon and Nikon lens owners to switch over to Sony. I am waiting for the exact details on tech from my Sony sources (will get them soon). Nikon, Canon user (but obviously also Pentax and so on) will be very tempted to buy this camera!

UPDATE: This is a report from a source that tested the camera:

The sensor is mount on a tray that slide in Z direction. It allows approximately 18mm of focus adjustment. As actuator you have  strong piezoelectric servo, this make for rapid movement back-forth if selected that option.

Meantime: How the Contax AX AF works:
The Contax AX unique autofocus system works with manual focus lenses by moving the film plane inside the camera. A side benefit of this arrangement is that it allowed the AX to feature a macro mode which worked much like a built-in 10 mm extension tube, allowing for a magnification ratio higher than 1:1 without the use of bellows or extension tubes (Source: Wikipedia Contax). Link to [shoplink 18446 ebay]Contax AX auctions on eBay (Click here)[/shoplink].

Stay tuned, I will get details and pics of the new camera soon!

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Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
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