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(Under development) IMPORTANT: Some Sony last minute product announcements deleted/postponed?


NOTE: This is not a fools day joke!

A few days after the earthquake in Japan Sony sources told me that Sony is having a lot of troubles with their factories in Japan. They had to stop the production in many plants and they have no clue when production can go back to normality. They had no major damages but there are two main problems:

1) There are many aftershocks and every earthquake that is bigger than 5 point Richter automatically stops the production
2) Energy supply is very limited

We got the info that all japanese companies are not telling us the complete truth. They are officially playing down the issues. In reality we can expect delays for months on almost any product they do produce in Japan.

I was hoping the new NEX and SLT camera announcement would NOT be delayed because we are so close to the very important NAB show in Las Vegas. Many sources now contacted me to say that Sony deleted “som”e of the new product announcements in the very last minute! I have been told that Sony was not able to produce one single sensor during the last three weeks!

I am currently investigating the news with other sources. Will post more about that soon…


UPDATE: I am not sure yet which product has been delayed. I am asking around to see what’s going on…

UPDATE_2: Sounds like only a few products will be delayed. I am not 100% sure yet but the Sony A35 will  not be delayed

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