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(SR 77) Sony A77 with Quadbionz and Fujis “Hybrid OEVFD”


The image on top shows the “Hybrid OEVFD” functionality

What the hell! The new Sony A77 will have a ultraspeedy Quadbionz core that will allow a 23 fps at full 24 Megapixel resolution. It also can take FullHD videos while you are taking photos or chatting via skype on the 4.2 inch OLED touchscreen of the cameras. But the really best new feature is the “Hybrid OEVFD” which stands for Hybrid Optical Elctronic View Finder Dream. It’s a much further development of the [shoplink 6075 ebay]Fuji X100[/shoplink] technology. It allows you to see the real optical image, the electronic image or any youtube video you want!

Damn is that a good DAYYY! :)

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