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Super wild rumors about a Sony A7cS


It’s now the third time I get this sort of “A7cS” rumors. Today I will post this new Super wild rumor and at the end give my honest opinion on this. So let’s first read the rumors:

SONY is expanding their Compact Line by splitting their full-frame non-flagship line into the traditional α7 series and the portable α7C series.
To that end, they are launching the α7CS this summer and into the autumn, a mixed-use camera that will interest video users as much as the α7SIII.
It has highly similar video specs to the α9 III, with a 24-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor delivering full-frame oversampling at 4K/60p or pixel-binning sampling at 4K/120p.
It also offers 4K/120p video recording with full pixel sampling in APS-C/Super 35mm mode.
The α7CS offers a mechanical shutter, which together with the dual native ISO80/800 (ISO640/6400 at S-log3) 24-megapixel sensors provide excellent still photography images, both in brightly lit, high dynamic range scenes and in poorly lit, high sensitivity scenes.
Because the resolution isn’t as high as the α7CR, it will still be priced slightly cheaper than the α7CR, in the $2,500 to $2,700 range.

Here is my take:
I cannot see a reason why we need the A7cS. We already have the compact FX3 and we are likely going to get an A7sIV soon. So this A7cS simply doesn’t make sense in my opinion. What’s your take?

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