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Hot rumors: New Sony A1 firmware update is coming soon and will have some new “Burano” features!


Finally I have some exciting rumors about the Sony A1 firmware update!

According to one source this is what we can expect:

  1. The firmware should be released in February. The previous official announcement said it would be available “from March or later”.
  2. The firmware will bring many new exciting features…much more than expected!
  3. One of the new features will be “XAVC H-I SQ 8k/30p” recording just like the $25,000 Burano CineAlta E-mount camera!
  4. Similar support to the monitor and control app.
  5. 8k ProresRAw via hdmi to latest Atomos devices

Other features that have been officially announced by Sony are:

  • Breathing Compensation
  • relay Playback
  • IPTC Workflow Enhancement
  • FTP Workflow Enhancement
  • C2PA format support

I am particularly happy to see the A1 will get then new XAVC H-I codec. If you care about high quality video this is big news. Me as a photographer I am very intrigued by the C2PA support which I hope will be coming for my Sony A7rV too.

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