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Tamron Q4 financial report: profit margin far exceeding the record high achieved in 2021…five lenses to be announced in 2023!


Tamron published the full Q4 financial report (Click here to download). And there are a couple of interesting points:

  1. The markets for interchangeable lens cameras and interchangeable lenses increase both in volume and monetary terms.
  2. Sales increased even without favorable foreign exchange effects, driven by new mirrorless product releases and strong performance in Japan and China
  3. Forecast: Markets for interchangeable lens cameras and interchangeable lenses are expected to remain flat in volume terms, but increase in monetary terms thanks to strength in high value-added products.
  4. About five new lenses will be announced in 2023

As you might know Sony is Tamron’s biggest shareholders with 14,8%. I trust Tamron to be the first to make a constant f/2.0 zoom lens similar to the Canon 28-70mm f/2.0. It’s not only a “feeling” I have, there are also official patents that hint that Tamron is playing with that idea. In my video below I collected all the Tamron lens rumors and the official Tamron patent designs:


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