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Tamron says the 28-75mm FE is aimed to match the 24-70mm GM quality. And hints at possible wide angle FE zoom!


The image on top shows you the first real world image of the new 28-75mm f/2.8 FE lens. On the left you see their current 24-70mm f/2.8 for Canon. Tamron Hong Kong also unveiled some more interesting tidbits on their facebook page:

1. They aim to compete with 2470GM with this lens
2. They aimed to priced lower or near the 2470z
3. They would ship it as early as end of april, no later than May. (Might varied on region, i read some people claimed late may.
4. Brand new design, not directly from old 2875 2.8 from EF/Nikon F
5. This lens should designed with the hope to feed the a7r2/3 sensor, so it might mean it’s able to resolve 40M+ pixel sensors
6. This is not for certain: when asked about other zoom lens from Tamron, like “1530 2.8 is a great zoom lens, but i need an adapter”, they replied “Commiing soon….” or “Wait for further news”. I would like to gently ask you whether you have news on Tamron Native FE Lens rumors?

Thanks to the reader who sent me this!

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