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Tamron will launch six new lenses in 2024 !!!


Tamron released the full financial results for 2023 and the forecast for 2024. The good news is that Tamron increased both net sales and operating income with particularly strong sales in China and Japan.

Financial key info:

  • In the photography segment Net sales increased from 45.5 billions YEN (2022) to 53 billions YEN (2023)
  • They report high growth in the Chinese market and also strong sales in Japan
  • In the interchangeable lens camera and lens market, the quantity remains flat, but the total amount increases due to the strong performance of high-value-added products YoY.

Forecast with six new lenses:

  • 6 new lenses coming in 2024
  • In future they might release 7 lenses per year

What to expect:
Tamron usually announces 5 lenses per year but in 2024 they will announce 6 new lenses. But don’t expect them to be all E-mount. Some of these lenses will be Z or X mount versions of currently available E-mount lenses. Still, I hope Tamron will release new E-mount lenses that are based on som of their exciting patents. Here is a list of patents I found:

Exciting right? Hope sources can soon tell me more about their E-mount lens roadmap!

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