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The A6100 is coming: A short explanation of the double delay story.


The A6100 is finally being released but I want to give you a short insight about why the A6000 successor rumor was so difficult to track and be reliable:

Yesterday a trusted source told us Sony would release a RX1RII press release soon. As you see today he was right on this. The same source confirmed days ago the A6100 is coming soon. That is usually an example of how sources can be defined as reliable. But this is doesn’t mean their rumors become truth every time. Because we still deal with pre-release information. And Sony can change this for at any time for multiple reason. Two examples:

  1. Back in September another trusted source told us the Sony Europe stores would close overnight (article here). He also told us that Sony would release the A6xxx within one month. As we saw he was correct on the information about the online stores, they were indeed closed (article here). But Sony then decided again to postpone the A6xxx launch.
  2. Back in May three trusted sources(!) told me the A6000 successor would be released sometimes in Spring. But Sony delayed the launch. But thanks to wikileaks we know the original sources information was correct as indeed Sony had that camera on their product launch roadmap

This is why you always have to be aware that because we deal with pre-release information things can sometimes change in the meantime.

And now something else: The last 16 months I have been particularly busy with my personal life (became father and had some other projects to do). I told you starting from February 2016 I would finally have more time to work on more rumors and this is already happening in those days.

Stay tuned on SAR because we have more rumors coming the next hours and days ;)

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