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The new Nikon mount teaser: Why the 43.8×32.9mm sensor size makes little sense


Nikon image teaser compared with Sony E-mount (Thanks Jmar – see video here).

Now, before I argue why this sensor makes little sense and people start to scream how fanboy I am I will say this:

1) I am happy Nikon and Canon will join the mirrorless world. This will finally put some pressure on Sony.
2) Nikon and Canon new mirrorless offering will likely be better than Sony cameras when it comes to ergonomic, menu, weather sealing and other important aspects Sony has still to catch up with.

I know there is a lot of people saying the larger mount will help to improve the IQ of fast lenses. Something we have to see and test to see if it’s true. And even if it’s true I doubt people will join the system to buy very expensive f/0.9 lenses…

Nikon says this is a Full Frame sensor camera. But it is also speculated on the web that Nikon did adopt a 65mm mount size diameter in order to eventually fit the larger 43.8×32.9mm sensor. And this (rumor) makes little sense to me:

1) This sensor is only 1.5 larger in terms of area over Full Frame. But the production costs are much higher.
2) In no way this sensor seems to be visibly better than the best Full Frame sensors (Check DxOmark scores or anythe Dpreview X1D review conclusion)
3) Lenses are really much heavier, costlier to produce and slower.
4) The medium format sensor market is totally dominated by Sony. There is no competition here and few sensor to choose from. All of them will be used by all manufacturers. Unless Nikon found a way to get sensors from somewhere else (Towerjazz?)

That said I will repeat myself once more: I hope that if Sony will ever join the medium format world they will go for the larger 54x40mm sensor. It would become a mirrorles system for ultimate quality. Something no other manufacturer could ever match.

P.s.: Canon where are you?

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