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The new Sony 36 fullframe sensor specs (used by Nikon D800)


The french magazine Chasseur Magazine unveiled the future Nikon D800 specs and as I told you over 6 months ago it uses the new Sony 36 Megapixel Full Frame sensor!

Here are the specs of the sensor:
CMOS Full Frame with 36-megapixel
This Exmor sensor provides high dynamic range and low noise images.
Expect grain free images, printed in A2 up to ISO 1600.
The D800 will range from ISO 100 to ISO 6400 (extended modes ISO 50, 12800 and 25600).
Full HD 1080p in 30p, 25p and 24 p. There will be a PCM recorder.
Like the D4, the Nikon D800 will be able to output uncompressed video on its HDMI port.

Of course Nikon is using their own Expeed engine to elaborate JPEG images and Video stream. As a filmmaker I like the uncompressed clean HDMI output and hope Sony will take notice of that :)

What matters for you to know is that the next Sony Full Frame camera will NOT use that sensor. It will have a newly designed 24 Megapixel sensor and I honestly welcome that news. Don’t like that Megapixel race and 24 megapixel should allow more per pixel sharpness and much higher ISO. Anyway, I expect one more Sony Full Frame camera to be unveiled in early 2013 having the same 36 Megapixel sensor.

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