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(SR3) Also a new A38 is coming soon?

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I am sure that we will soon see a new [shoplink 3617]A55[/shoplink] successor. But today I also got a rumor about a second SLT camera. A new source told me that there is a new [shoplink 7419]A35[/shoplink] successor named “A38”. It has a new sensor and comes with a tilting LCD. That’s all he knows for now. The biggest Japanese photo show starts in 10 days at Yokohama. I guess that this could be the right time to see both new SLT cameras. There will be no new NEX camera or SLT fullframe at the event but of course Sony could decide to display some mockup or prototype. I expect some new (real) NEX cameras and lenses in April.

My two cent:
Don’t you think four SLT cameras priced between $600 and $1400 are too many? Three models are more than enough I think.

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